Ford restates electric car ambitions

The Ford Motor Company has strongly reaffirmed its commitment to gradually ushering electric cars into the mainstream of public transport by stating that it plans to offer the alternatively fuelled models at one US Ford car dealership in three by this spring.

According to the Michigan based group, the Focus Electric, C-MAX Energi and Fusion plug-in hybrids will all be much more widely available throughout the country within in a matter of months, with the proposed rolling out of the cars onto forecourts taking place at three times the rate that was originally expected.

Last November, 200 showrooms across the homeland of the iconic manufacturers sold examples of these groundbreaking, ultra low emission vehicles, but this number is shortly set to shoot up to over 900.

Ford's position in the global electric car sector has been growing at an impressive pace in the last year, with the group's share in sales leaping from three per cent to 16 per cent over the course of just eight months. Now, the organisation's electrified vehicle marketing manager, CJ O'Donnell, has said that he wants to make as much as possible out of this forward momentum and capitalise on his firm's 'phenomenal' foray into the world of alternative energy.

Whilst this latest announcement from the company did not make any specific mention of their electric vehicle plans for the UK market, there can be no doubting that, as one of Europe's leading nations in terms of automotive sales, British drivers will be firmly in the minds of the environmentally and economically conscious team behind the Focus and its peers.

Until the hybrids become a more familiar sight at home, however, the buying public should be sure to explore the range of efficient new and used Ford cars that can be purchased now in the South West and beyond.

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