Ford Releases Teen Driving Study and Highlights Safe Driving Technology

Teenage drivers have long been one of the highest risk groups of drivers, whether it's neglecting to wear seat belts or being distracted by passengers, and a new study by Ford highlights these risks. The recently commissioned study looked into the driving habits of teenagers to find patterns of behaviour and ways of making driving safer for the inexperienced.

The release is also being used to show off the latest improvements to the popular Ford MyKey system, which has been standard in Ford vehicles since 2010. The MyKey technology can customise electronics in new Ford cars based on who's driving. It can limit radio volume, set a maximum speed for the electronic throttle and has the ability to block incoming calls for mobile devices which are linked with the Ford Sync system, all area's which have been shown as problematic in the teenage driver studies.

The MyKey system is programmed with the main administrator key, with a second duplicate key being given to the teenager in question. Other MyKey enhancements include automatic fuel warnings, starting at 75 miles remaining and repeating at set intervals from then on; automatic radio muting, with the radio only turning on when seatbelts are plugged in; and speed limit warnings, alerting the driver when they're approaching their maximum speed.

It's hoped that technology like this will be in more than 6 million Ford cars around the world by the end of the year, with the system starting to trickle down into used Ford car sales too, helping to protect teenagers from the temptations of driving irresponsibly or being distracted at the wheel.

If you'd like more information on this and other cutting edge technologies from Ford, head on down to your local Ford car dealership today.

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