Ford releases a new B-MAX advert


With the imminent release of the Ford B-MAX, the Blue Oval has released a brand new television advert that aims to show off the unique design of the compact multi person vehicle.

The 30 second advert was directed by Academy award and Golden Globe nominated director Martin Campbell, who is best known for films such as the James Bond flicks GoldenEye and Casino Royale.

The advert features a man diving off a diving board and travelling through the opening of the car's doors, landing in a swimming pool underneath. The main emphasis of the trailer is to show off the new MPV's 1.5 metre door space that is obtained by its unique pillar-less door frame.

The voiceover from the advert reads "No pillars, no barriers. The new Ford B-Max. Life is an open door" and is then followed by Ford's Go Further logo, emphasising Ford's ever increasing development of its new Ford cars for sale.

The B-MAX is available to order now, with stocks expected to begin entering Ford car dealers across the UK at the end of October.