Ford record strongest US sales in six years

Ford dealers in the US have recorded their strongest sales figures in nearly six years, providing further evidence that the global car market is now almost back to pre-financial crisis levels.

The recently released numbers show that year-on-year sales went up by an impressive six per cent in the month of March, and that the total amount of new units shifted in the States by the Michigan-based corporation was the highest since May 2007.

According to industry insiders, around 1.5 million first hand private use vehicles were sold throughout the US in March, with a large proportion of these being models from the iconic Ford brand. A range of factors are said to have contributed to this excellent figure, including the recent issuing of tax refund cheques, low interest rates and an improving jobs market. However, observers also pointed out that Ford's 2013 range of cars offers particularly high standards of performance and value, which has led to many households deciding to upgrade their family transport.

It is important to remember that the UK has seen a similar growth in sales in the first few months of the year, with registrations of new vehicles rising by an amazing 7.9 per cent in February, compared with the same month in 2012; forecasters have also predicted that this upwards trend is set to continue over the remainder of 2013.

Whilst second hand sales may not be included in these highly encouraging numbers, this sector of the industry is also faring well so far this year, giving consumers further options when it comes to changing their car. All those who are on a tight budget may wish to consider investing in a new used Ford Focus, Fiesta or similar model as a way of saving money whilst sourcing a truly reliable and efficient vehicle.

Image credit: The Car Spy (Wikimedia Commons)