Ford recommends special winter check at dealerships this autumn


Ford has just launched and is now recommending a special winter check at many participating dealerships throughout the UK this autumn. The new winter check will see a qualified Ford dealership motor technician carry out a 30 point winter check around the key areas of a customer's car from as little as £29.99.

The comprehensive Ford winter check will include important areas around a car, like battery and alternator condition, exhaust condition, tyre condition and pressures, steering and suspension check, cooling system condition and anti-freeze levels, brake condition and fluid level, engine oil level, wiper blade condition, screen wash and the condition of exterior lights.

Contact or simply pop into one of the local Ford car dealerships in your area to find out more information. A pre-winter check can give you peace of mind during the winter months ahead. The snow and icy conditions can be a worry for some drivers, so don't let them catch you out this year.

Image credit: Matthias93 (Wikimedia Commons)