Ford predict automated driving systems within the next five years


If you have ever watched any films that are set in the future, you will at some point have seen fully automated vehicles driving or flying from point to point. In the near future these could become commonplace, if the Ford Motor Company have anything to do with it!

The car giant is in the process of testing prototypes at its advanced engineering and development complexes, in America and Germany. The system that is currently in testing uses cameras and radars and ‘reads' the road, then when congestion is detected it asks if the passenger would like to regain control of the car. Using a system being developed as ‘Traffic Jam Assist', the vehicle allows the driver to rest their feet and hands whilst the car does all of the work; once the car is away from obstacles it will then accelerate and carry on its journey.

The good news is that these types of vehicles could be reality in the near future, with the company commenting that select Ford cars for sale could indeed have these features as standard in as little as five years time.