Ford pledges even more energy savings


The Ford Motor Company have long been one of the most forward thinking car manufacturers in the world, both in its car designs and in its manufacturing processes. The car giant recently announced that they had cut one-fifth of energy the consumption that is used to manufacture its products. Not happy with that, the Automakers have now pledged to reduce their energy consumption by a further 25 percent by the year 2016.

Last year, through a variety of projects, the energy cost of producing one of the vast range of Ford cars for sale came to 2,778 KW/H, that's down by 22% from the cost back in 2006.

One thing to note is that the efficiency gains that Ford have achieved in recent years are minuscule compared to the amount of impact a vehicle will have on the environment during its lifetime. With Ford investing more and more in alternative energy vehicles such as Electric/Hybrid versions, and even its newly designed engines, it is sure to stay one of the top motor manufacturers in regards to energy efficiency.