Ford Plans Silicon Valley Research Lab

It was announced today that Ford car dealers will soon be benefitting from technology developed at a brand new research laboratory in California's Silicon Valley. The centre will be tasked with improving high-tech safety in their vehicles, as well as developing integration systems for mobile phones and other personal devices.

The manufacturers have said the lab will be based near Stamford University and that part of its remit will be to test programmes submitted by independent developers, as well as furthering their own in-house research.

Chief Technical Officer Paul Mascarenas was keen to point out that Ford wanted this new laboratory to be located away from the company's headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan. This, he said, was so the researchers and scientists who will be based there should feel as if they are free to work in a more independent environment.

Applications that may be completed at the new lab include an innovative new system that will allow new Ford cars for sale to seek out parking spaces and reverse into them.