Ford plan special edition of 50th anniversary Mustang

Excitement has been building for some months over the upcoming release of the 50th anniversary instalment of the legendary Ford Mustang, and the manufacturers of this iconic car have now confirmed that, to mark this milestone, a special edition of the model is being planned.

The news, as discussed in this Autocar article, is sure to be welcomed by the Mustang's many diehard fans around the world, and will no doubt heighten the already sizeable anticipation surrounding the new edition's release at some point next year. It is thought that the first 1,000 Mustangs produced will get the special edition label and, although their price tag will certainly not be as affordable as that of a 2013 Ford Ka for sale, this is unlikely to discourage the most fervent enthusiasts from rushing to make an investment.

The next generation of the Mustang is set to be a particularly powerful affair, producing 444bhp and being the first model to use the groundbreaking S550 platform. As yet, it remains unknown whether UK showrooms will be lucky enough to get their hands on any of the exciting limited edition examples but, even if they don't, it shouldn't be too long until some start making an appearance at used car dealers in Bristol and elsewhere around the South West.

According to reports, the standard new Mustang will mainly be available through a modified version of the 2.3 litre Focus ST engine, and there is also speculation that Ford's pioneering efficient EcoBoost will be given perhaps its stiffest challenge yet in this notoriously demanding vehicle.

It is not unusual for Ford to celebrate new landmarks as they are reached by the Mustang, an historic line which the company is rightly proud of, having last brought out a special edition to coincide with its 45th anniversary in 2009.

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