Ford are highly regarded for their incredible range of commercial vehicles, aiding the lives of millions of tradesman and outdoor workers all over the world. In a piece of fun advertising by the global vehicle giant, they have pitted one of their vehicles against the Mars Rover Curiosity, among the most technically advanced vehicles ever produced.
Differences immediately begin with the price, with SVT Raptor costing a reasonable $43,970 compared to the $2.5 billion to produce the Rover. Another comparison is the engine, with the Raptor's powerful 6.2 V8 proving no match for the impressive nuclear radioscope thermoelectric power generator fitted into the Rover. However, one aspect that the Raptor wins hands down is the number of seats, carrying 5 people comfortably while Rover is unable to carry any people while it roams across the expanse of Mars, not that we were thinking it could anyway.
While the Raptor isn't currently available in the UK, it is still a fine example of the excellent vehicles which ford boast in their commercial fleet. If you are looking for the perfect vehicle to help with your business, why not browse the great range of new Ford vans currently on the market?