Ford outlines huge boost in production by 2017

The Ford Motor Company has announced a huge increase in production around the world, with the corporation looking to build one-third more vehicles in just five years.

With these higher levels of production, even more people in the UK, Europe and around the world will soon be able to experience the award winning performance, reliability and styling that new Ford cars offer; the Ford Fiesta, Mondeo and Focus are all much heralded models and are highly regarded in their respective sectors.

Currently producing around six million cars a year, the corporation aims to boost this to around eight million by 2017, with the driving force being the opening of more plants in emerging markets across the world. With the company planning to open 14 new factories in countries including China and India, it is hoped that these expansions will help Ford to respond even quicker to changes in customer taste.

By the time these facilities are complete in 2017, Ford hope that each factory will be able to build an average of four different models, compared to the current average of three.  

Further advancements in technology are also seen as key ways of helping productivity, with the adoption of a 3D printing system, known as Freedom Ford Fabrication Technology, enabling prototype stamping moulds to be made in just three days - a process which, under conventional methods, can take up to six months.

These efficiency measures lead on from the "One Ford" system outlined by Ford's Chief Executive Alan Mullaly, which looks to implement a unified manufacturing strategy designed to boost output. When speaking about the outlines, he said: "we're now able to fully utilize capacity around the world and get our maximum from them."

Regarded as a purveyor of some of the finest motor vehicles since being established in 1903, Ford's plans are a clear signal of intent from the firm to stay in the fast lane for many years to come. If you want to discover why the company have been so successful, why not head to one of the countless UK Ford dealerships today?

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