Ford opens new expansion to design centre


The Ford Motor Company has just opened a new expansion to its Design Centre in Merkenich-Cologne, at a cost of €11.6 million. The design of the new expansion itself is open and fluid, designed to encourage and help idea exchange; something that the motor manufacturer's designers have been involved with for many years.

The newly finished expansion is the home to the design and development team that have been pioneering Ford's global ‘one world - one car' project, that is in full swing and once complete will see just one model available throughout the world of each of its Ford cars for sale.

One of the features inside the expansion includes a virtual reality ‘Power Wall', designed to improve real time communications across the world with other teams. A variety of technology has been upgraded within the centre, such as new milling machines that allow developers to create precise clay models of designs.

With so much investment in design and development, it is no surprise that so many people head straight to their nearest Ford car dealership when investing in a new vehicle.

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