Ford open new $53 million parts centre

The Ford motor company opened their latest expansion in the United Arab Emirates Yesterday, which has put them on course for becoming the biggest car brand in the country.  The parts plant cost a staggering $53 million and has without a doubt matched the previous presence of its competitors in the UAE.

Stretching 29,500 square metres, the Ford part distribution centre's goal is to help improve not only the company's market share (which has already increased by over 55% this year alone), but also increase the amount of parts that are available in the country.

In the past Japanese brands have been the largest players in much of the Middle East and Ford are certainly on track to compete.  The New centre will also mean that parts delivery times will be decreased, reducing time from in some cases 30 days to between one and two.  Ford car dealerships in the UAE are sure to see many advantages due to the new project and a large increase in interest in their Ford cars for sale.


Image Credit: extranoise (Flickr)