Ford, one of the most searched car brands

There are numerous ways to research a new car. Before the internet was so widely available or, in some cases, so user friendly, it was normal to visit showrooms such as Ford car dealerships, or view motoring publications as the first step in looking for a new car, rather than as part of your research. In recent years, that has changed quite dramatically, with many potential car buyers immediately heading ‘online' to investigate car brands and find the best prices.

According to a recent report, the Ford Motor Company is one of the most searched brands on the internet in America during 2011. The company that carried out the research tracked car shopping activity online and found that people searching the internet for Ford cars for sale amounted to 13.5% of all vehicle searches.

Ford's F-150 truck also was announced as being within the top five researched vehicles for this year in the states.

Image credit: acloudman (Flickr)