Ford on Track to Meet Emissions Targets

Motoring mogul Ford has announced this week that it is on track to meet its emissions reductions targets as a result of investment in a range of clean technologies and energy efficiency incentives.

The announcement came in the motor company’s annual sustainability report. The report unveiled many positive findings in the company’s move towards a greener future including the statistic that carbon emissions have fallen by 22 percent per vehicle since 2010. The news is a positive move forward for the entire company whether you work at a van dealership in Poole or own one of the latest Ford C-MAX Energi vehicles, as Ford technology continues to improve and become increasingly greener across its entire fleet.

‘Cutting emissions per vehicle 30 per cent’

These statistics mean that Ford is well on track to meet its emissions targets, which will see the company ‘cutting emissions per vehicle 30 per cent by 2025’. In addition to these targets, Ford is still concentrating on other areas of sustainability such as waste reduction. The below Tweet put out by Ford Drive Green shows how they have reduced their waste to landfill by 40 percent globally, while this article explains how the all-new F-150 truck will use 100 percent recycled material for its seat fabric, which in turn diverts over five million plastic bottles from landfill.

These are just a couple of the ways Ford is going green in its car production but it is also recognising how driving is changing, and while they continue to make successful models that fly off the showroom floors at Ford van transit dealers in Taunton and around the UK, they are also looking towards becoming more of a transport service.

Ford recognises that, with such developments as driverless cars and the increasing congestion we face in our main cities, there is a need for change and that is why they are expanding to other areas as with their car-sharing schemes and initiatives that have piloted recently. It is a part of Ford’s drive for innovation, where, just as their founder did some hundred years ago, the company to this day continues to look to change the way the world moves.

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