Ford named as one of world’s best brands


A new report commissioned by leading business consultancy organisation Interbrand has named Ford as one of the top 50 brands in the world.

In a comprehensive list known as the ‘100 Best Global Brands', Interbrand looked at several different aspects of companies from around the world and operating in all kinds of different industries, before coming to the conclusion that those who own a Ford car dealership are part of what is officially the 45th highest quality corporation globally.

With important factors such as financial performance and influence over consumer choice taken into account, the report pointed to Ford's ‘MyTouch' communications and entertainment system as a highlight of the company's continuing and improved engagement with the needs of their customers.

Both new and used Ford car dealers are dedicated to representing this historic manufacturer in as positive a light as possible, so it is no surprise that this commitment to high standards has now been recognised by such a reputable source.

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