Ford MyKey system to be introduced to the UK later in 2012

Ford has announced that their MyKey system will be available at Ford car dealers throughout Europe during this year, with the Fiesta being one of the first ford cars for sale that can have a MyKey system installed.

The system works by allowing parents to limit several of the car's features to encourage new drivers to drive safer, improve fuel efficiency and operate the vehicle with fewer distractions. If the system is added to a vehicle, it will mean that owners will receive an admin key along with two normal ones. The admin key will then be used to change settings within the car when one of the lesser keys is used.

Features, such as maximum speeds, seatbelt reminders, and max stereo volume, are just some of the things that can currently be restricted via the system, with plenty more set to be added in time. It is not known yet if having the MyKey system installed could bring down car costs such as insurance premiums, something that we will have to wait and see, but the safety benefits far outweigh the financial cost.


Image credit: Wendy Piersall (flickr)