Ford Motors continue to grow around the World

Ford has another reason to celebrate: just yesterday it saw its 500,000th vehicle roll off its assembly line in Russia.  Not only has the amount of vehicles created within Russia been a great landmark in Fords global history, it also was the very first Ford Focus estate to be made at the plant.

Ford's manufacturing plant near St. Petersburg has been in operation since 2002, during which time it has increased incredibly due to demand within the country's motoring market. The plant is responsible for the production of one of the company's most popular Ford cars for sale, the Mondeo.  The Russian Ford plant produces over 300 cars per day, including all three versions of the Mondeo that you will see at your Ford car dealers: four-door, five-door, and the Estate.

Ford certainly are on a roll already this year, with a new global model of the Mondeo having just been unveiled at the Detroit car show, and its revolutionary in car technology gaining international acknowledgement at the recent CES technology show in Las Vegas.


Image credit: JD Hancock (Flickr)