Ford looks to increase appeal among female drivers

Although the high quality and affordable range of Ford cars for sale across the UK is extremely popular with drivers of all kinds, some at the company believe that they are not currently as successful as they could be among the women of Europe, and are launching an initiative to make sure this situation improves in the future.

The manufacturers' director of earned and social media communications and public affairs, Elena Cortesi, announced at Barcelona's Mobile World Congress Marketing Week that Ford will soon be giving various groups of influential women around the continent the chance to test drive their newest cars, and pass judgement on the latest in-car technologies which are planned for inclusion in these vehicles.

Personal invites will be sent out to a number of prominent female journalists, bloggers and other enterprising professionals who Ford feels may be interested in coming along to one of the special events which will be held across 50 major European dealerships later this year, and Cortesi has assured the media that all feedback which is given will be carefully considered and, if appropriate, acted upon by developers and marketers at the organisation.

Some examples of the technology that will be trialled by the participating women include Ford's new parking assist feature, and the pioneering, recently unveiled Spotify app which will reportedly allow users to play, pause, shuffle, favourite and select their music via a sophisticated voice activation system.

According to Cortesi, women hold 60 per cent of the world's current purchasing power, and there is no reason that this important presence cannot be extended to the sale of new and used Ford cars in the UK and elsewhere. This latest marketing programme is another demonstration of Ford's ongoing commitment towards progressing in every way possible, with Cortesi stating that her company is eager to do all it can to 'democratise technology'.

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