Ford Looks to Help Visually Impaired Drivers

Driving is clearly problematic for people suffering from partial sightedness or other visual impairments, but Ford are hoping to make use of new technology that will potentially allow many of those who would usually struggle to drive their vehicles in safety.

The company has announced that it has begun utilising an online tool which was first developed at Cambridge University in 2007. This sophisticated piece of software has the ability to simulate sight problems - such as colour blindness, cataracts and glaucoma - which, the manufacturer believes, will help them better understand these issues and how the designs of Ford cars for sale could be effectively altered as a result.

The programme allows anybody using the software to upload their own designs of different visual impairment simulations. The range of conditions that could be studied is therefore extensive, and could prove a significant turning point in the manufacturer's ambition to have Ford car dealers offering vehicles that are accessible for all.