Ford look at sustainable materials

Ford are said to be looking at sustainable materials such as recycled bank notes to help combat the rising costs of petroleum that is used to manufacture plastics.

The company has released a statement from the US stating they are upping the ante with their push to reduce petroleum dependence and use more sustainable materials such as dandelions, coconuts, sugar cane and even shredded retired bank notes.

Ford first announce it was looking at sustainable materials back in the early 2000's when a barrel of oil was around $15, now the company is pushing forward as the same barrels are over $100.

The idea behind using bank notes once they are taken out of circulation is great as there is apparently around 4 tonnes of American paper currency shredded daily, which is either compressed into bricks, burned or put in landfill.

The research into sustainable materials goes hand in hand with the company's strive to create more economical vehicles for the future.

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Image courtesy of jakerocheleau