Ford lifts the lid on the new Focus ST

The Ford Motor Company has revealed details on the new Ford Focus ST, with the sporty version offering drivers a speedier experience on the road than ever before.

With the company finally lifting the lid on the model at the Paris Motor Show, among the most interesting developments is the fact that the model will be powered by either a petrol or diesel engine: either the 2.0L Diesel or the 2.0L EcoBoost petrol model.

Sure to be one of the most popular new Ford cars on the market when it goes on sale later this year, the Focus comes with Active Stop/Start as standard. Programmable to operate up to 31mph, the car will automatically apply the brakes should the driver fail to respond from a potential collision. The ST will also demonstrate an Enhanced Transitional Stability and a remodelled suspension.

Diesel sports incredible fuel consumption
Although both the same size in terms of volume, the petrol engine develops 246bhp and emits 159g/km to offer a fuel consumption level of 41.5mpg. Even more impressive is the diesel engine, which puts out 182bhp with 110g/km of CO2, resulting in a phenomenal fuel consumption rate of 67.3mpg. The on-road credentials understandably differ and in a dash from 0-62mph the petrol version achieves this in an eye-raising 6.5 seconds, with its diesel counterpart not far behind with 8.1 seconds.

Ford has fitted the ST with a six-speed transmission, with the gear ratios tailored to each engine to provide quicker acceleration in the lower gear range and more relaxing cruising at high speeds.

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