Ford lends a helping hand to flood-hit Cumbria

Ford has given Cumbria a helping hand by deploying a number of Ford Rangers to council staff in the county.

Storms Desmond, Eva and Frank, which hit the north of England back in December, caused large amounts of flooding across Cumbria and York in North Yorkshire.

To help with the clean-up and repair efforts from local councils, a number of Ford Rangers have been sent to the most affected areas to help support recovery operations.

Ford Rangers are available in Ford van and car dealerships in Andover and across the rest of Britain, and are being used to help Cumbria in its recovery as the 4x4s are renowned for their ability to tackle challenging terrain.

Councils use Rangers to check damage

The local councils have used the Ford Rangers to survey the damage to roads, bridges and properties.

In an article on the Ford Media Centre, Cumbria County Council’s Peter Hosking, said, “While the county’s A-roads have for the most part been unscathed, we have numerous B-roads and single-track roads damaged by water run-off, and they have had to be inspected and closed where necessary.

“With so many road closures, just getting around and finding a route can be challenging, and the Rangers have been a real lifeline to allow our surveying teams to get access to those difficult areas.

“Our fleet isn’t huge so the loan of these Ford Rangers has certainly added to our capacity, helped staff to get about, and has made a big difference.”

Those that have been to Ford van dealerships in Salisbury or anywhere else in the country to look at a Ford Ranger will know that the model is well-known for its power, reliability, durability and for being comfortable both on-road and off-road. It is for these reasons the Ranger will have a hugely positive effect in helping Cumbria and York’s councils inspect damaged infrastructure.

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