A new kit has been produced by the Ford Motor Company, designed specifically for fleet operators who employ flagship Ford commercial vehicles such as the Transit van or Connect.
The kit is designed to not only support your duty of care but also enables you to achieve savings in both your fuel consumption and tyre consumption.
The kit gives you the ability to repair a puncture with a highly effective tyre sealant and an air compressor unit; that boasts a variety of uses such as pressure checker, torch and air pump, making it what Ford call a ‘feat of multitasking'.
The compressor is powered by the vehicles auxiliary power socket and is equipped with plenty of user friendly features, making it ideal should a flat tyre occur at any time of the day. The SOS Puncture Repair kit is wrapped in a zip up bag that is easily stored underneath a seat and is a valuable asset to new Ford vans.
For more information on the kit contact your nearest Ford commercial dealership, such as Foray Commercial, or visit their website.