Ford Kuga production begins ahead of 2013 release

Ford car dealers and their customers around the South West and beyond will be pleased to hear that production on the widely anticipated 2013 Ford Kuga has now officially gotten underway.

Reviews have already been positive for the Ford Escape, the US's equivalent of Europe and the UK's Kuga, and motoring enthusiasts are understandably excited by the fact that manufacture has now begun on this side of the Atlantic.

So far, price details have not been announced, but officials from Ford have said that these will be available before the end of this year, by which time potential customers will also be able to order the model. The 2013 Kuga is being produced at Ford's factory in Valencia, Spain, which is an indication of the group's increased commitment towards releasing SUVs and other 'crossover' vehicles in the future.

The Kuga was first unveiled to the industry at this spring's Geneva Motor Show and received a large amount of interest from observers long before it even went into production. This is chiefly due to the fact that several innovative features which have not been present in the Kuga before will now be included, including the much lauded EcoBoost engine, which will be available in a number of different sizes and specifications.

Other tantalising on-board technologies due to feature include the SYNC system, which will also make an appearance in the new Fiesta, Blind Spot Monitoring Torque Vectoring Control and an invaluable Active Park Assist. With such improved safety and convenience now included as standard, there is little doubt that the 2013 Kuga will prove to be a hit with the car buying public.

New and used Ford car dealers are home to some of the most economical and high performance domestic vehicles in the country, with the upcoming Kuga representing yet another addition to their impressive range.

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