Ford Kuga information released


The Ford Kuga is due to go on sale at the end of the year and Ford have just released information about how their concepts came together, and how the project went from the drawing board to the production line.

Apparently the SUV's design was inspired by climbing shows and soft furnishings, meaning a durable yet comfortable vehicle. Something that Ford has expressed with the upcoming launch of the Ford Kuga is the sheer amount of thought and feeling that has gone into its design. In a time now where many people wish to downgrade yet still keep the comfort and style of an SUV, the Kuga offers just that and lots more.

Designed to showcase much of the Ford Motor Company's ‘kinetic' design skills, the Kuga has everything from a hands-free opening and closing tailgate, the latest in SYNC in-car system, and much more still to be confirmed.

As mentioned, the Kuga will be released later in the year at your local Ford car dealers alongside its many other great Ford cars for sale.

Image credit: Luc106