Ford Ka to be reborn with five doors

The first images of the new Ford Ka have begun appearing all over the internet, with motoring enthusiasts outlining a key new feature of the popular compact model.

First rolling off the production line back in 1996, the Ka has since become one of the Ford Motor Company's most popular models and has sold in its millions across Europe. While it previously served as a fashionable and practical three-door model, however, it seems the next generation of the Ka will be even more geared towards offering fantastic value for money, with the images suggesting a noticeable increase in the chassis size.

Size wise, it resembles the Fiesta of old, with the addition of two extra doors ensuring maximum practicality while also helping to keep costs down. This larger chassis is thought to have been inspired by the Ford Figo, a budget hatchback of a similar size which has been a huge success in the world's emerging markets. The power under the bonnet will come from Ford's 1.0 litre three-cylinder engine, which will be available in both turbo and naturally aspirated versions.

This certainly amounts to a positive turn-around for the model, as it faced an uncertain future as early as December 2012 because of a perceived lack of global compatibility. Ford have said that in order to justify the Ka's place among its current fleet, they are now going to great lengths to ensure that the model is both lighter and will feature a higher fuel efficiency than the Fiesta. It's this endeavour which will ultimately be of huge benefit to drivers of new Ford Kas in the future.

Believed to be available to purchase from Ford dealers by early next year, prices will start from around £8,500, which will put the model in direct competition with similar models on the market. If you would like to know more about the new Ka, why not visit a Foray Motor Group Ford car dealership today, where an expert will be able to offer you further information?