Ford is Canada’s Top-Selling Automaker in 2011

It was another record-breaking twelve months for Ford car dealers in Canada, with the manufacturer announced as the country's top-selling automaker for the second year in succession.

275,978 vehicles were sold in 2011, which pushed total sales up by three per cent - a welcome and impressive statistic, given the current worldwide economic climate. Recession-defying results were also recorded in Ford's home country, with the United States seeing stronger than predicted sales over December. The automotive industry as a whole, in fact, enjoyed its most profitable year since 2008 in the country, indicating the continued importance of car manufacture to the local and global economy.

With new and used Ford cars selling in such high numbers, the outlook also seems bright for the year ahead. As the official figures were announced, vice-president of Ford Canada, Scott Cauvel, outlined the company's optimism by stating his confidence in the industry continuing to flourish in 2012.