Ford investigate more eco friendly material options


Have you ever thought that one day a car would be made that was half made out of carpet, rope and dartboard materials? Well the Ford Motor Group has been looking into these types of materials as part of their ongoing search to increase eco friendly production.

In a press release, the motoring giants have announced they are very seriously looking into making car parts out of Sisai, which is a plant that is more often used in rope, carpets, and even cat scratching posts. The release even went as far to say that an injection moulding process has been designed that could make all plastic products contain 30% Sisai.

There are many reasons why this looks to be an important development in Ford's manufacturing processes, not only due to the eco friendly nature of the finished part, but also the economic importance, as the plant is cultivated in third world countries.

Ford's never-ending dedication, to developing new manufacturing process that are ecologically friendly, means that Ford cars for sale in the future could end up being made from the most unusual yet innovative materials of their time.