Ford Invest Further in Child Car Safety

The Ford motor company have just announced that they will be investing and developing more in car safety. Ever at the forefront of motoring technology, Ford have released information about their latest program and what it entails. 

Ford will be developing the world's first digital human child body, which will be used to make car safety and travel for young children much safer. In the past, the company have won numerous awards for their development of safety products for their vehicles throughout their years as one of the world's top automobile companies.  Ford's technical teams will be looking to increase their knowledge of how to create a safe environment for all age groups.

Ford's original digital adult body took 11 years to develop and, through its use, Ford have been able to enhance their safety levels on cars across the board, ranging from the Ford cars for sale you will find at your local Ford car dealers, through to the latest racing and performance concept models on display at motor shows.


Image Credit: Argonne National Laboratory (Flickr)