Ford Introduces Electric Vehicle in UK

Fleet buyers and private owners who have been looking to jump on the electric car bandwagon don’t have much longer to wait, as the long-awaited production of Europe’s Focus Electric has just begun. This version of Ford’s popular vehicle will be the first all-electric car that the manufacturer is making in Europe, and it is expected to go on sale at the end of the summer.

The new version of the Focus is going to be assembled and produced on the exact same production line as the rest of the popular Focus line of vehicles, in Saarlouis, Germany. The difference between this vehicle and the rest of the Ford Focus product line lies in the vehicle’s electric motor, which will give it an approximate power of 143bhp. Drivers can expect that the vehicle will provide them with the ability to drive an approximate distance of 100 miles after being charged, with the 6.6kw charger taking approximately three to four hours to go from completely discharged to fully charged.

One of the vehicle’s most helpful features that is designed specifically for the electric car is the SmartGauge interface. Much like the gas-tank technology that alerts drivers when they are running low and how many miles they have left, SmartGauge will calculate remaining charge and translate it, taking into account the average usage up to that point. The vehicle will also include a built-in coach that tutors the driver on maximizing energy generation through the proper and most efficient use of the brake.

For those who would prefer not to rely 100 percent on electricity, Ford will also be introducing a plug-in hybrid the Ford C MAX Energi and the Mondeo Hybrid in 2014.