Ford improve safety with SMS voice command system


At some point, most motorists will have been distracted by a mobile phone whilst on the road. With the aid of hands-free Bluetooth systems, the amount of people making calls whilst driving and putting their lives, and the lives of others in danger has been considerably reduced. But, with more people communicating by SMS and text messaging services, something needs to be done about people receiving, and replying to texts while driving.

Happily, Ford has developed a system that will enable people to reply to texts whilst driving, with no risk and no real distraction. The SYNC system is a voice-command system that will be fitted on the new Ford B-Max, and then on all new Ford Cars for Sale. The system will connect to a mobile phone and will then alert the driver that they have received a SMS message, the driver can the vocally command the device to read the message aloud. Then, the driver can choose a suitable reply from the bank of responses.

With minimal distraction to the driver, this system will allow a driver to communicate with others. The fact that there is such little distraction means that the driver will be able to concentrate on the road and will be much less likely to crash as a result of being distracted by a mobile. For more information on the SYNC System, visit your nearest Ford Car Dealership.

Image credit: Randy Stern