Ford honoured in 2012 Women’s World Car of the Year award

Ford has been honoured in two categories within the Women's World Car of the year awards for 2012.

A team of female motoring journalists from around the world have voted in a number of categories to choose their winners.

For each of the four categories, the journalists award points based on a number of criteria, with the car scoring the most winning the award.

Then the car with the most overall points also gets to drive off winning the supreme winner of the Women's World car of the year award.

In the Family Car category, the Ford Focus came third, just being beaten by the BMV 3 series, and the Audi Q3.

In the Economy Car category the Ford Fiesta came in third position behind the Honda Civic and the Volkswagen Up!

Unfortunately neither car got enough points to be crowned the supreme winner of the Women's World Car of the Year 2012 which went to the Range Rover Evoque.

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