Ford Honoured at Annual Low CVP Awards Event

The Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, or Low CVP, is a nonprofit group that was first formed back in 2003 with the mission of working hand in hand with the government in its goal to expedite the shift from gas-guzzling vehicles to more sustainable lower carbon vehicles. Members came from all over the UK and from diverse backgrounds ranging from the obvious automotive suppliers to the world of academia. The partnership has over two hundred members, and this year they celebrated their ten-year anniversary at their annual Low CVP Low Carbon Champions Awards event on January 29th at One Birdcage Walk in Westminster. The event celebrated the organisation’s achievements over the past decade, and gave members an opportunity to honour the businesses that have made notable achievements this year and throughout the years in reducing emissions.

Among the most highly anticipated awards that were given at the event were for the two organisations – one public and one private - that had gone above and beyond consistently over the last decade in their efforts to bring low carbon vehicles farther into the marketplace. The joint winners of the Outstanding Achievement in Low Carbon Transport over the last 10 Years were Ford Motor Company Ltd. and Transport for London. Ford was specifically recognised for its impact on carbon emissions within the road transport or commercial category, where they have made tremendous innovations in their combustion engines. Ford was lauded for its continued commitment to reducing emissions.

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