Ford highlighted for its water stewardship


The newspaper ‘The Guardian' has just featured the Ford Motor Company, as part of a section dedicated to something that is very close to the motor manufacturers heart, sustainable business. The article centres on just how significantly the car makers have reduced their water usage, in the production of their vehicles, for well over a decade.  

When people think about sustainability within business, and in particularly the motor industry, many will immediately think of factors such as fossil fuels and metal, but water is just as important to conserve.

Ford's stewardship of water first started when it installed a ‘Green' roof at one of its factories in Detroit, now the company has invested highly in developing manufacturing processes that use less water.

Last year the company reported that each of its new Ford cars for sale uses 4.7 cubic metres of water to complete, with the company expressing their wishes to reduce this to 4.0 by the year 2015.

So when you visit a Ford car dealership next remember you are not only buying a vehicle, but investing in the future too.

Image credit: likeablerodent