Ford Helps Christmas Shoppers

The Ford Motor Company are continually adding more and more safety features to Ford cars for sale and, with it being the festive season, many of these are becoming increasingly handy in the fight to thwart car thieves.

One of the most common ways that criminals gain access to vehicles is by the use of signal jammers; these devices work by blocking cars from being successfully locked.  This type of theft is a regular occurrence around Christmas time, due to many people returning to their cars on regular intervals with presents to be stored away.

Many of Ford's cars that have keyless entry systems are now equipped with sensors that can detect if the locking command has been successful, and if not will resend the command using a different frequency.

So, if you are looking for some of the safest and secure cars available, why not head to your nearest Ford car dealership?


Image Credit: fsse8info (Flickr)