Ford; helping with urban mobility


Ford have once again been busy discussing their ideas for the future and just how innovative they have become in regards to car technology and forward thinking.

At the recent ‘Go Further with Ford' conference, the blue oval's chairman Bill Ford spoke about how the company are progressing from just car manufacturers, but in turn becoming a mobility company too. As we are sure you will have already seen, Ford are currently in the process of creating a global collection of vehicles, and alongside this are trying to address the issues of personal mobility too.

In the past the motor manufacturers have teamed up with several organisations in an attempt to combat mobility such as congestion, partnerships with companies such as Zipcar in the states. The car sharing trial was deemed a great success with over 4 million reservations last year, offering drivers an alternative to owning a vehicle.

The company's chairman suggested that Ford thought it was vital to explore mobility issues, which would help with one of the biggest vehicle mobility problems currently faced by motorists; traffic congestion.

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