Ford; helping to reduce your speeding fines


The Ford Motor Company have been commenting upon just how their impressive speed limiter system has been helping drivers to avoid costly speeding fines since its introduction back in 2010.

The system enables drivers to set and limit their top speed, and with more than 220,000 Ford vehicles equipped with the system, it is fast becoming one of the favourite technology features available in many Ford cars for sale.

Once the vehicle begins to go over the set speed limit, fuel is reduced to the engine causing the vehicle to slow down. The system is easily set up by controls on the steering wheel, and should occasion arise where you would need to exceed your limit, stepping firmly on the accelerator pedal will temporarily turn the detection system off.

To see the system in action, why not head for a test-drive at a Ford car dealership such as Ford Basingstoke, as mentioned it's available on a number of cars giving you plenty of choice.

Image credit: Derek Yu (flickr)