Ford go further with slogan

A slogan is a very important part of a company, and over the years the Ford Motor Company has captured the company's many changing forms and ideas. For those that haven't yet caught a glimpse of any Ford related media within the past month, a new slogan has been created and is now in use: ‘Go Further'.

The new slogan was introduced to Ford employees by Ford's CEO Alan Mulally in his new year's message. Replacing the North American slogan of ‘Drive one' and the European version of ‘Feel the Difference'

The new ‘Go Further' slogan refers to the marketing of the company's many up and coming Ford cars for sale being released soon, and also meant as motivation for the motoring giants employees.

Ford's very first slogan, shown at Ford car dealerships around the world, was back in 1960 and was ‘Ford, the Universal car'.


Image Credit: Christopher Hughes (Flickr)