Ford Fusion to contain even more in car technology

Ford have just announced that the 2013 Ford Fusion model will come with many of the latest technologies available from the motoring giants, including the onboard infomedia system SYNC and MyFordTouch.

Another of the of the most important features that the Ford Focus will be receiving is the lane keeping assistant; the system is one of the most advanced systems for keeping your vehicle from veering out of lanes should the driver become drowsy, which in turn detects, alerts and advises the driver to rest.

This will be the first time that these types of in-car technology will be offered on mid sized Ford cars for sale, certainly giving it an edge over vehicles within the same market!

Visit your nearest Ford car dealership for more information on both the Fusion series and Fords range of in-car technology systems.


Image Credit: Waifer X(Flickr)