Ford Fusion’s interior lighting colour options

The Ford Motor Company has just released information that will further enhance your driving experience and help personalise your vehicle.

The motoring giants have decided to give the 2012 Ford Focus a much more competitive edge by not using incandescent bulbs within the upcoming vehicles interior.  This means that, even though the vehicle's developers have chosen the signature colour of the inside lighting to be ‘Ice Blue', there will be several colours to choose from, and the intensity of each can be chosen.

Lighting is just one of the upgrades that those interested in buying the upcoming new Ford car for sale will be featuring, giving it a much sportier look and feel.

Many Ford vehicles that you will find at your local Ford car dealership now incorporate lighting technology such as LEDs, which are not only smaller and easier to fit, but are also far more durable than incandescent bulbs.


Image credit:  ogilvyprworldwide (flickr)