Ford Fusion receives global makeover

The Ford Motor Company, which is currently in the process of redesigning many of it models and creating a global version for each vehicle, have announced the Ford Fusion will be receiving the same treatment.

Within the motoring industry, it is extremely rare for manufacturers to totally redesign one of its best selling vehicles, but that's exactly what the motor giants have carried out.  The new Fusion model will be released today at the Detroit motor show and will have a makeover that includes everything from the bodywork and styling though to its engine selection.

The changes are expected to help Ford account for much more of the car market within the US. Currently they, along with Chrysler, count for sixty percent of vans, trucks and SUV purchases within the US.

Even though it is early days for the new styled Ford Fusion, why not head to your nearest Ford car dealers and view their full range of Ford cars for sale?


Image Credit: sarahlarson (Flickr)