Ford Fusion named Green Car of the Year 2013

Ford Motor Company have long been an established force in motoring, with its varied fleet picking up truckloads of awards during its lengthy history. They have capitalised on a key automotive, with their popular Ford Fiesta leading the way in terms of the supermini while the iconic Transit has been a frontrunner in the van department for decades, a vehicle revered as the backbone of Britain.

As the years have gone by, the company has adapted its fleet by adding various new models to give Ford car dealers a greater variety of choice to its customers. One of those options is the Ford Fusion, a larger version of the famous Fiesta which proved hugely popular since it first rolled off the production line in 2002. While the Ford B-Max is seen as its successor in the UK, it has since become something of a revelation in the UK, winning a host of awards since its arrival. The latest accolade the vehicle has taken home is the Green Car of the Year 2013, with the Fusion Hybrid becoming the cheapest model ever to obtain the coveted award.

Available across the pond from just £21,700, the Fusion offers incredible fuel efficiency whilst also boasting fantastic eco-friendly credentials, just some of the reasons why it received the award at the LA Motor Show. It was up against some stiff competition for the trophy, with the Dodge Dart Aero, Mazda’s CX5 SkyACTIV and the Ford C-Max. With two models in the running, it demonstrates Ford’s force within the hybrid and environmentally friendly car market. 

The award is another to add to the endless list of credits that the fleet have to offer. Why not visit one of the expert used Ford car dealers today and find a car that is perfect for you?

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