Ford Fusion named as Green Car of the Year in US

Ford has once again been praised for its continued success in producing lower carbon, higher efficiency vehicles, with the groundbreaking Ford Fusion hybrid being named as the Green Car of the Year for 2013 in the US.

Undoubtedly one of the most economical Ford cars for sale, the newly introduced Fusion has made a big splash with the car buying public and industry professionals alike on both sides of the Atlantic since its release, chiefly because of the fact that it manages to combine real green credentials and fuel saving capability with an affordable price tag. In fact, the Fusion is now officially the cheapest ever car to have triumphed in this prestigious contest.

The winners of the award were decided by the respected Green Car Journal publication, and the editor of the magazine, Ron Cogan, stated that the innovative model was successful because it offers such great value and, just as importantly, a sizeable degree of choice in terms of the way it is powered.

The announcement was made recently at the LA Auto Show, and has been seen as a fair reflection of Ford's continuing efforts to improve the environmental friendliness of its entire fleet of new cars.

Much of Ford's recent success in transforming a greater proportion of its vehicles into sustainable models has been put down to the way in which it has managed to revolutionise the production process in some of its biggest plants. A greater focus on flexibility means that the same factory can now roll out a variety of petrol, electric and hybrid vehicles simultaneously.

The Fusion is available at your local high quality Ford car dealership now, so why not book up a test drive and see for yourself what all the fuss is about? You could shortly be on the way to making some great savings on your future fuel bills.

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