Ford Fusion enjoys amazing ‘quiet’ technology


The highly anticipated forthcoming 2013 Ford Fusion hybrid sedan is to benefit from a revolutionary new technology which eliminates all unwanted noise.

Motoring enthusiasts around the country are very much looking forward to this stylish model arriving at Ford car dealers soon, although its manufacturers had become concerned recently that the groundbreaking efficiency the car boasts, 47 miles per gallon, caused its engine noise to be louder than desired.

This problem has now been solved, however, through the introduction of ‘active noise-cancellation technology' which involves a series of microphones being installed into the seats of the car that are able to measure the amount of noise being produced and then initiate a sophisticated control module which can generate opposing sound waves through the speaker system to cancel out any unpleasant sounds.

Both new and used Ford cars are known for their efficiency and enjoyable driving experience alike, and the company seem to be going out of their way to make sure this is the case with the brand new Fusion, as well.

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