Ford Focus ST gets engine upgrade

Ford has announced an official engine upgrade for the Focus ST model. It will increase the car’s power output of its 2.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine from 247bhp to a staggering 271bhp.

Ford Focus ST models sold in car dealers across Dorset and the rest of the UK will be able to have an engine upgrade courtesy of engine tuner Mountune. The upgrade will cost £1,195 and takes just two hours to fit at a Ford dealer.

As part of the engine upgrade a new large capacity intercooler and air filter will be implemented, as well as software being remapped.

The engine upgrade will produce a 10 per cent increase in maximum power output to 5,500 rpm and will also improve torque from 345Nm (254lb-ft) to 400Nm (295lb-ft) at 2,750 rpm.

Upgrade makes Focus ST more competitive

The main reason for the Focus ST engine upgrade is to make the hatchback more competitive against rival models.

According to an article on Autocar, the decision was made by Ford to make the Focus ST more evenly matched against cars such as the Vauxhall Astra VXR, the 276bhp Seat Leon Cupra and the 296bhp Volkswagen Golf R.

In a blog post on Carscoops, Kevin Griffin, Ford's UK sales director, said, “The 2015 Focus ST 275PS upgrade is the latest addition to a wide range of Ford Performance parts and accessories from Ford dealers. It enables Focus ST owners to experience even more impressive performance, while offering the reassurance that the upgrade will not affect warranties.”

The upgrade kit continues Ford’s partnership with Mountune, who already offer upgrades to the Fiesta ST engine.

The Ford Focus ST engine upgrade is available to customers in the US, the UK and mainland Europe, and will be on offer at some Ford merchants in Hampshire and the rest of the UK.

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