Ford Focus RS to come in 2016

It’s good news for Ford fans as the leading car manufacturer has dropped its biggest hint yet that the new Ford Focus RS is in deep stages of development and could be on the market as a soon as 2016. The new Focus is set to be one of the best price-per-horsepower cars on the road should Ford be able to keep the cost to the £27,000 target it has predicted.

The new model is expected to turn what is considered as everyone’s favourite family hatchback, available from both new and used Ford dealers, into one of the fastest front-wheel-drive cars on the market and, in fact, ever made according to a recent report.

A way to go

While Ford have given the biggest teaser yet of the car moving towards production, there is still a way to go as it is likely to be 2016 before the new RS production model hits showrooms. This will come just as the Focus is due for replacement in 2017, but with its exciting new features and heavy development of the car’s performance strategy, the RS is sure to be another sell out.

The all new Ford Focus RS is set to feature a turbo engine that was developed for the entry-level version of the manufacturer’s latest Mustang – a new direct-injection 2.3-litre four-cylinder EcoBoost turbo. While the Mustang is set to arrive in the UK by the end of this year, as reported in this previous article, the new Focus RS will be worth the wait as it looks to outdo the Mustang by 46bhp; the RS could be tuned to as much as 350bhp compared to the Mustang’s 304bhp.

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