Ford Focus RS launch for 2016

It has been announced that Ford aims to bring a Honda Civic Type R-rivalling model in the shape of the Ford RS to the market by 2016.

The RS version of Ford’s latest Mk4 Focus looks set to rival the likes of the forthcoming Civic Type R and other such powerful models at new Ford dealers in 2016. Ford hinted at the news back in May, and now they have released the news on Twitter last week with the not-so-subtle cryptic headline, ‘We have some exciting news for you…#FocusRS’ which was met with nearly 100 Retweets.

The Tweet was met with much excitement from @forduk’s followers, with some replying on the social media platform ‘Nice to hear!’ while others putting more simply ‘I need one.’


‘A no-compromise driver’s car’

Ford made the announcement on their website along with news that the RS will be one of over 12 other new performance cars to be introduced to the market by the manufacturer through 2020. The Focus RS looks set to be one of the most hotly anticipated as it will join Ford’s existing performance line-up, including other new performance Ford cars for sale such as the Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Shelby GT350 Mustang and F-150 Raptor.

Ford group vice president of global product development, Raj Nair, said of the new model, ‘To earn the RS badge, the vehicle has to be a no-compromise driver’s car that can deliver exceptional performance on the track when required while providing excellent every day driving.’

The RS is set to use the power of the 2.3-litre engine found also in the Mustang EcoBoost four-cylinder, and there is the possibility of Ford engineers pushing the Mustang’s 304bhp ability to 350bhp in the RS. While little information has been released on the model as yet, Ford has confirmed a six-speed manual and many experts in the field are expecting the new model to come in below £30,000.

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