Ford Focus receives praise for new Door Edge Protector

The latest edition of the Ford Focus has received special praise from a leading vehicle review website for one of its less talked about features.

Consistently one of the most popular Ford cars for sale since it was first produced in 1998, the Focus has seen a number of new incarnations over the years, but one of the industry's favourite aspects of the latest instalment in the franchise is its innovative Door Edge Protector.

Describing the ingenious addition as even more eye-catching than the car's high performance engine and flawless handling, this new feature comes into action whenever a door is opened and essentially creates a plastic barrier between the Focus and whichever other car is parked in a space next to it, preventing unwelcome knocks for both parties.

The reviewer was particularly impressed at the high practicality of this innovation, which should lead to greatly reduced cosmetic damage and subsequent repair bills. This add-on is just another example of how the Focus, which is available at any quality Ford car dealership , is continuing to break ground many years after it first went on sale.

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