Ford Focus named as world's top selling car

One of the automotive industry's leading data analysts, Polk, have announced that the Ford Focus was the best selling car throughout the world in 2012, with well over one million units driven away from international showrooms.  

Observers have speculated that these amazing figures can at least be partly attributed to the Michigan-based company's pioneering 'One Ford' mission, which is aimed at adopting a universal approach to the Ford business, making more of its models available to markets in many different countries.

As a result, the Focus sold a total of 1,020,410 examples last year, which was over 100,000 more than its nearest rival. Whilst the hugely popular car, which first arrived on forecourts fifteen years ago, remains a much loved and purchased vehicle here in the UK, it is its increasingly strong performance abroad that has led to such truly global success; Ford's home country of America, which only introduced the Focus to its hatchback market in 2008, saw a jump in sales of 40 per cent, whilst a boom in transactions was also seen in China, where the year-on-year rise came in at an incredible 51 per cent.  

With Bridgend Ford and many other showrooms around the country continuing to sell many units of the Focus year after year, it is important to note the enduring success of the Fiesta, as well, which was named as 2012's sixth top selling car in the same survey. The Fiesta, of course, is regularly named as the most popular domestic vehicle in Britain, and its worldwide popularity translated into total sales last year of 723,793.

If you are in the process of updating your car and feel, like the rest of the world, that Ford's range offers the best in terms of reliability, performance and value for money, why not pay a visit to your nearest showroom today? As well as the Focus and Fiesta, you will also be able to find other models such as the Ford Ka for sale, meaning that you are guaranteed to source a vehicle that will match your needs.

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